How to make money as a music producer?

Since the music industry has grown rapidly in the past few years, earnings from it also increase. Any person can easily make a lot of money from the music industry, both actively and passively. 

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This article will discuss different ways, from publishing an album to selling an album, you. Can earn a lot of money as a music producer. 

Ways of earning money as a music producer

There are a lot of ways to earn money as a music producer. You can use any of them to become rich. So let us now discuss them in detail:

#1 Earn from Spotify and Youtube

You can earn a lot of money from Adsense and promotions by uploading your music or song on Youtube and Spotify. The brand pays a lot of money on music videos because a music video can also cross billions of views in the long term.

You can easily make millions of dollars from brand deals by just uploading your song on Youtube and Spotify.

#2 Earn by working  as a DJ in Clubs and Bars 

Working as a DJ in clubs and bars could be the best option of earning money for new music producers. You can easily charge $200-$500 per show as a new music producer from clubs, and the most important thing is that it will also create your brand image and you will start becoming more popular in front of the audience.

After creating your brand name, you can leave the job of a DJ and should start uploading your music on Youtube and Spotify consistently so that after 3-4 years, you can charge millions of dollars from brands for promoting them at the end of your audio track.

#3 Earn by selling copyright of your beats

You might not know all the companies need to buy the copyright of the beat they play in their stores. Many big companies like Apple, Peter England spend millions of dollars every year buying the copyright of music or a song.

Once you become famous on youtube and Spotify, you can sell the copyright of your music to big companies for 1 to 2 years and charge millions of dollars from them.

#4 Become a freelance musician

You can become a freelance musician and start performing in different shows for money. You can perform in marriages, birthday parties of rich people and charge thousands of dollars from them.

You can increase your charges after every show, and in my opinion, this is the most significant advantage of becoming a freelancer. Apart from that, you will start becoming famous with time and with time you can even charge 1 Million dollars and even more by just performing in 1 show. So by becoming a full-time freelancer, you can make a lot of money as a music producer.

#5 Earn from Royalty

A royalty is a legal agreement (contract) between two or more parties in which one person receives payment from another for allowing him to use his assets for commercial purposes.

Royalty is a broader term than copyright. In copyright, you receive payment for allowing a company to use your music in commercial areas. In contrast, in Royalty, you make a contract with a person in which another uses your music or name to earn money in any way, and you will get some commission in return.

For example, In copyright, you are just allowing a company to play your music. In contrast, in royalty, you can make a contract with a manufacturer in which he manufactures and sells cassettes of your music on his own, and you will receive a commission of, let us say, 10% on sale.

From Royalty, you can easily earn passive income and make money while sleeping for a long time.

#6 Earn by selling your merchandise and products

You can manufacture your personalized merchandise and make a lot of money from it. Fans of every famous person like to use products related to him. You might have seen many children wearing clothes on which a photo of Jackie Chan is printed. You might have seen many people drinking coffee in Ronaldo or Messi cups etc. 

Any famous person can make millions and millions of dollars by just launching a product in his name. If you do not believe it yet, let us take an example of Mr Beast, a Youtuber with over 66 Million subscribers. He makes millions of dollars every month by just selling his merchandise on his website You could be the next Mr. Beast and can make millions of dollars from the merchandise.

#7 Earn from advertisements in social media

When you become famous, you will also gain millions of followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and you may get surprised to know that you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from just one sponsored post on Instagram or any other social media platform depending upon your number of followers and their engagement. For your information, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has Instagram 330 Million followers, charges 1.7 million dollars for just one sponsored post on Instagram. Social media is the best place for earning money in the third decade of the 21st century, and you can make a lot of money from social media.

#8 Earn by Investing

It does not matter whether you are a cricketer, a singer, or a music producer. Everyone can make a lot of money by investing and can create a reliable passive income source in just a few years. You can earn passively by investing in the stock market, real estate, or even a franchise business. I will provide a link to their posts below, and if you are interested in passive income, you can check them out.


A music producer can make money from promoting a brand on various social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram and earn money passively in the form of royalty.

After becoming famous, he can launch his own branded products and earn millions of dollars by selling them.


Yes, you can make a lot of money by becoming a music producer, but earning money in any field is not easy. You will face many problems you may not have heard earlier, problems will try to put you down, but you have to work hard even in tough times if you want to earn millions of dollars as a music producer.

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