List of Islamic Banks in the USA

The trend and number of Islamic banks have risen rapidly over the last few years. As of now, there are more than 20 Islamic banks in the United States (source Richmond fed). So without wasting time let us know about the top Islamic banks in the United States of America.

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Islamic Banks in the USA

#1 The Bank of Whittier.

Bank of Whittier

Started in- 20 December 1982

Headquarters  – California

Tagline- We do not invest money, we lend in you

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#2 Devon Bank

Devon Bank Logo

Started in-  1st January 1945

Headquarters  –  Chicago

Tagline-  Not known


#3 Manzil, USA.

Manzil company logo

Started in-  2017

Headquarters –  Toronto, Canada

Tagline-  Not known


#4 American Finance House, LARIBA Bank.

Lariba bank logo

Started in – 1987

Headquarters  – California

Tagline-  Not known


#5 MSI Financial Services Corporation.

MSI financial services logo

Started in-  15 August 1983

Headquarters  – Delaware (Massachusetts), United States

Tagline- Not known


#6 Dubai Islamic Bank.

Dubai Islamic bank

Started in-  15 september1975

Headquarters  – Dubai, UAE

Tagline-  To be the most progressive Islamic financial institution in the world


#7 Standard Chartered Islamic banking.

Standard Chartered Islamic banking logo

Started in-  1992

Headquarters  – Dubai

Tagline-  A relationship you can trust


#8 JP Morgan.

JP Morgan bank

Started in- 1 December 2000

Headquarters  – New York

Tagline-  The right relationship is everything


#9 Alrajhibank

Alrajhibank logo

Started in-  1957

Headquarters  –  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tagline-  Contributing towards a better tomorrow



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