How to start a profitable rage room business – Rage room business plan

A rage room or an anger room is a room used by people for discharging their anger in it. It is a new business type where businessmen prepare a room of fake expensive items, and people(wealthy people) pay him for allowing them to do complete destruction in it.

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Who introduced the concept of a rage room?

The concept of rage room was introduced by donna alexander in the year 2008, and the first rage room was started in Texas, United States. In the beginning, many made fun of her, but now the concept of rage room has gained popularity worldwide, and people are earning a lot by simply starting a rage room business.

What are the benefits of rage rooms?

Did you know that people around the world pay up to $100 to have a break room in their office turned into a table-bashing, blood-splattered explosion of rage? This is a vast market, and you’re sure to make some money! We are experiencing an increase in demand all the time, but it’s not just for adults. You can now visit a rage room with your friends or family members, or even as a party favour at a party.

With our RAGE room, you are guaranteed to make a good return on your investment if you have a good turnout. You can charge admission to an after-hours party where kids get a chance to wreck stuff just as their parents did when they were kids.

What is the scope of the rage room business?

The temperament and patience of the upcoming generation are very low as compared to the previous ones. It simply means that they will feel anger at the tiny things. Also, as per the previous trend, the new generation is going to be much more wealthy.

In the beginning, we discussed that the rage room is used by angry rich people, and their number will increase in the future, which shows that the rage room business has substantial future scope for an extended period.

Should I start a rage room business today?

Rage room business is very new for people. It was started in 2008, and more than 90% of people do not even know about it. In today’s time, very few people own a rage room business, and it is proven that this business will be trendy in the upcoming years.

As per Elon musk, there are two ways to start a successful and profitable business. The first one is to be the first and the second one is to be the best. Being first is easy, and being the best is very difficult, and since the rage room business idea is very new in the market, you have the chance to be in the first ones.

So, in my opinion, yes, you should start it today if you want to make money from it.

Rage room business plan

If you have decided to start an anger room business. Let us discuss a complete business plan in detail, which will help you create a profitable business. So a lot to know, a lot to discuss and without wasting any time, let us now begin:

The Tools and Equipment You’ll Need

The most important part of the business is the tools you use to smash things. Obviously, they have to be sturdy enough for both beginners and experts. Of course, your own rage needs to be intense sufficient to pound out your frustrations in the best way possible.

The Buttons

The primary tool needed is a simple foam baseball bat. The foam material is more durable than regular baseball bats and is lightweight, so you don’t need much strength to beat a safe. At RAGE, we have a variety of models to suit every temper.

The Ammo

It’s essential to be sure that you’re taking enough ammo, so if you’re not confident you’ll need a different size, go ahead and buy that. If you need some, you can check out Amazon and get some foam balls or hickory staves for less than $10.

The Cost of a Rage Room Business

First, you need to look at the basic costs of opening a small scale rage room. These costs include the initial investment to start the business,

  1. Buy a soundproof room.
  2. Buy protective clothing for your staff members.
  3. Expenses include website hosting fees, rent, business taxes and licenses, and more.
  4. Check with your city and community for licensing requirements.
  5. Prepping Your Room for Customers
  6. Next, make sure your room is prepared for customers to destroy.
  7. Get to know your local building and zoning laws.
  8. Hire a carpenter to do the rough work.
  9. Buy protective equipment for your staff members.
  10. Get the video surveillance equipment for your CCTV in place.
  11. Hire a company for indoor security and anti-theft measures.

Ideas for Different Types of Rooms

The rage rooms we have set up have played an essential part in making people feel comfortable being angry in public and not just mad behind closed doors. We have seen groups of dads taking time out of their Sunday to get out all of their frustration over last week’s game-winning pass to the right guy. We’ve seen people laugh and play games in a safe environment. We’ve seen parents forget about their tantrums and wait for their little ones to enter their room so they can play with them in a secure environment. We’ve seen just about everything.

It is a good idea to start with an inexpensive room if you run into any unexpected costs.

Things to consider

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before starting this business. Some of them are as follows:

What are your pricing options?

How much should I charge for a rage room? How can I increase profits?

As per my experience, you should maintain a profit margin of 20-25% per rage room. For increasing profits, focus on reducing costs. Make sure the things you use in the rage room are cheap and inexpensive. You can also find some stuff in junkyards or dumpsters from where you can buy them at a very, very low price.

Revenue Model

How much money do you make? How do you calculate your income? What revenue do you generate from each room you run?

These questions generally arise when you are searching for the best way to figure out revenue. I am a chartered accountant student, and in my opinion, it is best to maintain books of accounts to figure out all the questions mentioned above. You can also prepare a budget to estimate revenue and expenses.

Business Taxes

Do you need business licenses? Is your business subject to sales tax?

This answer depends on state to state. But in general, yes, you need a license to start a rage room business from the authorised authority in your country. Also, you need to pay taxes in the industry. It might be sales tax, goods and services tax or any other tax.

Marketing Plan

How do you market your business to new customers?

You can advertise the rage room on the internet to market your business to new customers. You can serve ads to targeted people like a corporate employee, a call centre worker, etc. Generally, a call center worker needs to bear the anger of other people, which makes him angry. So serving rage room ads to specific angry people can attract customers to your rage room.

Expansion plan

How do I grow a rage room business?  How do I beat competitors?

This answer is common for every business. For expanding business in the long term, focus on providing the best products and services to customers at a very affordable and justifiable price. Also, treat them well, and it is essential that customers feel at home at your business place.

You can also retain customers by providing them extra discounts on more than one visit.

In today’s time, there are very few rage room businesses in the market. So you do not need to focus and spend time on competitors and only focus on increasing the quality of your service without changing prices.

Ending Note

At last, it is the best time to become the first to start a rage room business. I have discussed almost every vital thing which you need to consider for creating it. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Till then, GoodBye, and as always, God Bless You All.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is needed to start a rage room business?

You need at least $20,000 plus the cost of land and building to start a rage room business.

How much profit margin should I maintain in the rage room business?

You should maintain a profit margin of 20-25% on your cost. You can prepare the books of accounts for estimating costs.

Should I start the anger room business today?

Yes, you should start the anger room business today because now it is a very new business and has very less competitors.

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