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Nowadays, people understand the importance of time. They try to outsource every task that can be done without them, increasing the profitability and demand of every outsourcing business. 

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So, in this article, we will discuss the laundromat business (laundry business), which is very profitable, and anyone can make a lot of money from it.

A lot to know, a lot to discuss and without wasting any time, let us begin.

Who uses laundry facilities?

Laundry facilities are primarily used by the following types of people:

#1 Students living in hostels and PG.

#2 A working person who has to go to work.

#3 People living in tiny houses in metro cities who do not have space for washing machines.

#4 Any other person who wants to save time.

Resources required to Start a laundromat business

Now let us discuss the resources you need to start a laundry business which is as follows:

#1 Land and Building

If you want to start a profitable laundry business, you need to take a building or a good area for rent in a crowded room.

As per my estimate, an area of about 2000 square feet is sufficient for starting a self-based laundry business.

On the other hand, if you provide the facility of washing clothes, then you can easily do it in an area of about 300 square feet.

#2 Machines required to start a laundry business

You need to purchase or lease washing machines for starting this business. It is recommended to buy automatic machines because it will make your work easy.

In a self-laundry business, you have to buy about 15-20 automatic washing machines, which will cost you about $300 per machine (after deducting bulk discount) in the United States or Rs 15,000 per machine in India.

On the other hand, you can provide cloth washing facilities to customers with just 1-2 machines.

#3 Workers needed to start a laundry business

You do not need to hire any worker in a self-laundry business. On the other hand, employing at least 1-2 workers if you provide clothes washing facility is recommended because they will help you complete the work on deadline, increasing your business’s goodwill.

#4 Other resources needed to start a laundromat business

Apart from the resources mentioned above, you need other resources like electricity, water for starting this business.

You can also pick up and drop your customer’s clothes at home and charge extra for them.

Investment required for starting a laundry business

You need to arrange funds to rent an area, buy machines, hire workers, and arrange electricity and water facilities.

So, according to my estimate, $14,000  in the United States or Rs 4,50,000 in India is sufficient for starting a self-laundry business.

On the other hand, you can quickly start providing clothes washing facilities at just $3,000 in the United States or about Rs1,20,000 in India.

How to advertise the laundry business?

Look, today’s generation needs the best facilities. They can pay a lot of money for facilities. So, in my opinion, it is best to focus on providing the best facilities before advertising.

After advertising, treat your customers well and provide the best laundry 

Facilities to them at affordable rates to become loyal towards your laundry and never go to another laundry.

How to decide laundry charges?

First of all, avail the service of your competitors, analyze it properly, and try to find all the problems the people face while using this laundry.

If you think that you can solve their problems and provide them with good facilities, you charge 10-15% more. Still, I personally recommend you to not trust any premium from customers at the starting and provide them with the best services at more affordable rates so that they come to your place and try your laundry services.

How to make regular customers?

Good Services at affordable prices are the only thing that can make customers permanent and loyal. So focus on increasing the quality of your service if you want to make customers dedicated and consistent. 

Your service should be better than your competitor, your behavior towards customers should be good, your charge should be less, and your shop should be open most of the time if you want to retain customers.


So now let us summarise the article in brief. The laundry business is an outsourcing business and it is going to be very profitable in the upcoming years.

You need to arrange an area of about 1500 square feet and about 15-20 washing machines for starting a laundry business. You need about $14,000 or Rs 4.5 lakhs to start this business, which you can easily arrange from the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much area is required to start a laundry business?

You need an area of about 1500 square feet to start a laundry business.

How many funds are required to start a laundry business?

You need about $14,000 or Rs 4,50,000 to start a laundry business.

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