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In today’s era, the time has become one of the most important things in the world. Nowadays, from food to clothes, everything is being ordered online because it saves time. This digital revolution also gave birth to many new online business opportunities and solved many problems.

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This revolution inspires youth to start their own business online, but many of them fail to find a less competitive and profitable field like online tailoring. Online tailoring is a very profitable business, and anyone can start it with low investment, So. Are you interested in starting an online tailoring and stitching business?

If yes, then this article is for you because we will discuss a proper online tailoring business plan, which will definitely help you start a profitable tailoring business. So a lot to know, a lot to discuss and without wasting a single minute, let us begin.

Business Opportunities of online tailoring

Before starting an online tailoring business, you must know some of its business opportunities which are as follows:

#1 Online jeans selling business

#2 Online shirts and T-shirts making and selling business.

#3 Trouser making and selling business.

#4 Online pyjamas making and selling business.

#5 Leggings making and selling a business and many more

You can focus on any one or more products in your business.

Business Plan to start an online custom tailoring business

A proper plan is required to run a successful business. So, first of all, let us discuss the resources you need to start an online custom tailoring business.

#1 Raw materials required to start a Tailoring business online

Cotton,raw clothes, wool, threads, buttons etc., will be your main raw materials for starting a custom tailoring business online.

Apart from that, you may need to arrange raw cloth of different materials in some cases.

#2 Machines required to start a tailoring business online

Machines are optional but highly recommendable to start a tailoring business. On a small scale, you need to mainly buy a manual foot pedal sewing machine, which will cost you about $150 in the United States or Rs 7,000 in India.

On a large scale, since you will buy machines in bulk, the cost per machine(manual) will reduce to $100 in the United States or Rs 5,000 in India.

You can check the latest price of both manual and automatic machines from Alibaba or Indiamart.

#3 Land and Building

If you are starting a small scale tailoring business, then you can easily start it at your home and save the rent cost.

But on a large scale, you need a proper area to store all the raw materials, sewing machines etc., So you need at least an area of about 2,300 square feet to start a large scale tailoring business.

#4 Workers for starting a tailoring business

Tailoring or stitching is all about the skill of the worker. They play a very important role in its success. 

Talking about a small scale online tailoring business, you need to hire at least 2-3 workers to manage the supply of raw material, to manage delivery, to manage your website and stuff like that.

On the other hand, on a large scale, apart from the above-mentioned workers, you need to hire skilled tailors and some other workers to clean and manage your organisation.

Apart from that, you have to bear the cost of electricity and water in your organisation.

#5 Domain and web hosting

Since your work will be online, you need to buy a good domain name and web hosting. Domain name simply means the name of your website. For example, in my case, my website domain name is

Web hosting simply means the service of storage and RAM for the users who visit your website. In simple words, without web hosting, your website will not open.

You can buy domain and web hosting from platforms like Godaddy or Hostinger.

How to reduce the cost of starting an online tailoring business

Efficiency and effectiveness is the best way to reduce the cost. You can save a lot of money by hiring well-skilled workers.

I know that hiring skilled workers is a little bit costly, but they will do all the work on time and also do minimum wastage of raw material, which in the end, reduces the cost of production.

Apart from that, if you have good negotiation skills, then you can save a lot of money on raw materials.

 Cost of starting an online tailoring business

If you want to do it at home on a very small scale, the cost will be less because you just need to buy a $150 or Rs 7,000 machine and some workers to start this business.

If you want to set up a large business of making custom clothes online or custom tailoring online. In this, you need an area of about 2300 feet, and apart from this, you will also have to take some machines like Bill Cleaning Machine, hand and feet sewing machine Packaging Machine etc. to set up this business.

After that, you need to spend some money on domain and web hosting and also need to pay workers monthly.

Talking about it, it will cost you about  $7000- $8000 in the United States or 2 to 3 lakh rupees to set up this business.

Apart from that, you need to bear the working cost of rent and workers per month which depends on the area to area so arrange it accordingly.

How to arrange funds for the online tailoring business?

On a tiny scale, you can use your own savings or may take help from various schemes of the government to start the online tailoring business.

But in a large scale tailoring business, your personal savings will not be sufficient, so you have to take funds from an investor (if you do not bother sharing profits) or need to take a bank loan to arrange funds.

In my personal opinion starting a small scale business, whether it is a painting business, matchbox business or any other business, is straightforward because, on a small scale, a person does not require enough funds, does not have to  fulfill any legal obligations and also does not have to pay huge taxes to the government. 

How to advertise an online tailoring  business?

Look, today’s generation needs perfection. They can pay a lot of money for perfection. So, in my opinion, it is best to make your skill best before advertising.

After that, advertise your online tailoring business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. These platforms give you the facility to serve targeted ads to people near your area.

After advertising, give the best service to customers at affordable wages, so that they will never go to others and become loyal towards your organisation.

 Profits in the online tailoring business

Now is the time to talk about profits in the online tailoring business. To make profits first of all you have to build a loyal customer base, after that, you need to provide the best services. After one or two years, more and more people will come to know about you, and your company will become a brand.

At this point, you can easily make $5,00,000 per annum in the United States or Rs 2 crore in India. Do not expect any profits for the first two years and instead focus on providing the best services.


Now comes the time to summarise this whole article. Today’s generation uses the internet to save time. They also need customization and perfection, so starting an online tailoring business could be very much profitable.

To start this, you need some raw materials, a proper place, some workers, a sewing machine, a domain, web hosting, and other resources.

On a very small scale, the cost of starting will be very less, whereas on a large scale, the cost of starting will be about $7,000 or Rs 2 lakh, but the cost of maintenance or working capital will be very high.

For arranging funds, use government schemes, bank loans or investor funds if you do not bother sharing profits.

After two to three years, a person can make a handsome amount of money from the custom online tailoring business.


In conclusion, we can definitely say that perfectionism is necessary to make money in the 21st century. So work on perfectionism in online tailoring consistently if you want to become rich.

With this note, it is time to end this article, and as always, God Bless You All.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the business opportunities of online tailoring businesses?

You can start an online jeans-making business, t-shirt making business, pants-making business, and many more businesses as an online tailor.

How to reduce costs as a tailor?

You must be efficient and effective if you want to reduce costs as a tailor. Also, try to make good negotiation skills which will help you to reduce the cost of raw material.

How much does a foot pedal sewing machine cost?

A foot pedal machine will cost you about Rs 7000 in India or $150 in the United States.

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