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The advertising industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Nowadays, big brands spend millions of dollars on advertising their products. According to reports, Ford company spends almost about $2,500 on advertising for selling a car. With this, you can easily understand the profitability of the advertising business.

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The profitability of mobile or digital billboard advertising is the highest because it offers advertising at multiple places to brands at a fixed cost. Due to its high profitability, in this article, we will discuss a proper digital billboard business plan that will help earn money from it. 

So, a lot to know, a lot to discuss, and without wasting any time, let us now begin.

Mobile Billboard Business Opportunities

Moving billboard advertising is very profitable and has many business opportunities; some are as follows:

#1 Random advertising

You can contact some business houses which deal in advertising. These businesses have contacts with many advertisers, so they will pay you to show random ads like ice cream, ballad, coca-cola, etc.

Generally, these pay companies pay you a specific amount per kilometer you ride your vehicle.

#2 Show specific ads

Specific ads simply mean advertising a particular brand on your vehicle. In most cases, specific ads earn more than random ads, but it is also challenging to find specific ads for cars compared to random ads.

Sometimes these ad companies attach a sensor in your vehicle to monitor the audience and pay you a specific amount per 1000 views.

#3 Show affiliate ads

Generally, mobile app companies prefer showing affiliate ads in place of other ads. Affiliate ads pay you per download. These advertisers will display a QR code on your vehicle and pay you if anyone scans it and downloads the app. The payment in affiliate ads is relatively high as compared to the other ads.

Who should you start a mobile billboard business?

The mobile advertising business is best for truck drivers because they cover large distances in significantly less time. So they do not need to make any effort on this business and digital billboards will just create a passive income for them.

Also, a delivery boy can think of starting this business.

Let us discuss a good business plan for starting a mobile advertising business. This business plan will include every important aspect and answer all your questions. So let’s begin.

Cost of starting a digital billboard business

If you are a truck driver, you just need to install a digital screen outside your truck. You can buy a digital screen from the market or get it for free by collabing with some advertising companies.

So we can say that the cost of starting a digital billboard business is not so much, and a common man can quickly begin to it.

Which advertisers to choose?

You will find three types of advertisers. Some will pay you for distance, some for impressions and some for downloads. 

Now, if you drive in a crowded area, then impression payments will be the best. On the other hand, distance payout is the best if you travel a long distance in a less crowded area.

I will never recommend using only affiliate payout in any case. Ya, you can use it with distance and impression payout for making some extra money.

License required to start a mobile billboard business

Since advertising is an economic activity, you need to register your business in your country’s tax department. Apart from that, some states also demand permits before advertising on trucks. So you need to arrange them accordingly.

Where can you find advertisers?

As a beginner, it is better to start a billboard business by collaborating with agencies. You can contact agencies like penneco outdoor, rolling adz etc, which will find advertisers for you and charge some commission in return.

Sometimes advertisers pay less to new businessmen, so keep patience because your income from digital billboards will definitely increase after some time.

Which vehicle should you choose?

If you already have a truck, then no need to invest your precious money in any vehicle. On the other hand, if you do not have a vehicle, you prefer buying or leasing a large semi-truck because you can show many advertisements on a large truck and many advertisements mean more money.

Apart from that, you can give that truck on rent to someone if you cannot drive it on your own. Renting also creates a new passive income source for you which will help you to become rich in life.

How to get high-paying advertisements?

The business will pay you high for their advertisements only in 2 scenarios:

#1 Driving in posh areas

Many advertisers pay more in posh areas because they know that the people living there have a high purchasing power. So they display ads related to property and finance and these types of ads cost more to advertisers.

You can easily make up to $50 per 1000 views if you drive your large truck in the posh area of Las Vegas.

#2 Good Past record

A good past record is very important for higher earnings. If brands earned profits by displaying advertisements on your truck in the past, they would definitely pay you more for the targeted market.

Apart from that, a good record makes you a trustworthy person and also ensures advertisers that you will not use any unfair practices to cheat them.

Till now, we have discussed all the essential aspects of a mobile billboard business. We have discussed types of advertisements, advertising agencies, license requirements, cost of starting, vehicle requirements and the way to get high-paying promotions.

Now, everything depends on you. You need to be patient and try your best to provide value to the advertisers. Always remember that value addition is the best way of earning money in life. You might find it challenging to find initial advertisers; you might need to initially advertise for free but be patient and focus on your work.

If you work dedicatedly for about 3-4 months, then you can easily find advertisers who will pay you more for their ads.

So focus on value addition and if you have any questions related to mobile billboard business or think that I may help you start a profitable digital billboard or any other company, feel free to ask in the comment section and I will definitely help you. With this note, now comes the time to end this blog post and as always God Bless You All.

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