How to get financial freedom from parents?

Today’s children are born with an aim. They want to achieve a lot in their life. They want to earn a lot of money, explore the world, start a billion-dollar company, donate money to the needy and a lot more. 

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But 95% of parents do not understand their dreams and pressurize them to focus on studies and take a stable job. Due to this, many students want to become financially independent from their parents to adequately hustle for their dream.

So in this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to get financial independence from your parents. So a lot to know, a lot to discuss, and without wasting time, let us now begin.

Ways to get financial independence 

Financial independence simply means a reliable source of income. There are many ways of earning money and getting financial independence as a child. So below are the explanations in brief of the best ways you can earn as a child.

Note: Never take loans, credit cards, etc for money because they can easily trap you in a debt trap. So consider using any below-mentioned ways for earning money.

#1 Earn money from a blog

Since you are a child, it simply means that you do not have money to start a business. So starting a blog could be your first and the reliable income source.

A blog means a website that answers other people’s questions. You are also reading my blog “,” and this blogpost (article) is answering your question “ How to get financial independence from parents.” You can start a blog on the topic of your interest.

For starting a blog, you will need a domain that will cost you some money. But since you are a child and most probably a student, you can take a free domain for one year by registering in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

I know that you still have many questions. That’s why please watch videos on the blog on Youtube after reading this article.

There are many ways of earning money from blogs, and a blog is also a reliable source of passive income. You can research it in detail after reading this article.

#2 Become a Freelancer

I know that most of you already know about freelancing. In simple words, freelancing means “ Working without a permanent boss.” I personally recommend you to develop a skill before starting freelancing. That skill could be typing, painting, speaking etc because a skill will help to become a good freelancer.

I personally recommend you to use Fiverr for freelancing because it is one of the most reliable sites.

#3 Earn by asking and answering on Quora

Quora has launched its own earning programs from which you can earn by answering and asking questions in your Quora Space. A quora space is simply like a Telegram channel where you post, ask and answer about a particular topic.

Quora will start paying you when some people start following and reading your space.

#4 Other ways of earning 

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can also earn from Youtube and some social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. I mentioned it last because I know that most of you already know about it.

Apart from that if you are in college and have some money, then I personally recommend you to read my article on making money in college which will definitely tell you some of the unique ways of earning as a college student.

Above are the ways of getting financial freedom from parents. Apart from that if you want to live alone that is away from your parents then you can read my article on “ How to move out as a child


Never take loans and credit cards for getting financial independence from your parents because they can trap you in a debt trap. For making money consider starting a blog, a youtube channel or become a freelancer or a quora writer because they are reliable and can generate an excellent income.


At last, I want to say that be patient if you want to be financially free in life. Your parents and other people work hard to earn money, so it simply means that making money is not easy. If you try to make money, you will fail many times but never give up, stay motivated, and stay dedicated towards your goals and ambitions.

Start thinking about your dreams when you think of quitting. It will definitely motivate you to work hard with double the energy from the very next moment.

With this note, let us now end this blog and as always God Bless You All.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways of earning as a student?

You can earn from youtube, blog, freelancing etc as a student.

How to earn from quora?

You can earn by posting content on Quora spaces. Quora will pay you to get a significant number of views in your space.

Which is a reliable freelancing website?

Fiverr is a reliable freelancing website.

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