10 Businesses that run themselves: Start a business that runs itself

Passive income has become the priority of every youngster because it helps them become financially free and focus on other essential aspects of life. 

We have already discussed college students’ best passive income ideas, ways of earning passively from real estate, and stagnant income franchises

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This article will discuss various passive income business ideas, i.e. businesses that can run themselves. So a lot to know, a lot to discuss and without wasting a single minute, let us begin.

Businesses that run themselves

Below is the list of best passive income business ideas:-

#1 Vending machine businesses

You can earn income passively by starting a vending machine business. You just need to place some vending machines in a densely populated area and make a lot of money from it.

Vending machine

You can easily tie up with a nearby shopkeeper who will refill the vending machine regularly. This business has an excellent future scope, so you can consider starting it.

#2 Start an influencer funding business

In the 21st century, many people want to make their career on social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram etc, but a lot of them do not have money to spend on cameras, lighting etc.


So you can start an influencer funding business by providing them with high-quality cameras and lighting. When creators start earning online, you can charge some percentage of their earnings for an extended period.

If you dare to take risks, then this business could change your life.

#3 Start an advertising business

This business is straightforward to implement. In this, you just need to buy some area in a highly crowded area and use it for placing banners of different brands. 


Although you need to make some investment for buying a small piece of land in a highly crowded area, you can easily create a good amount of money every month for an extended period by just advertising brands.

#4 Earn from warehousing business

Warehousing simply means storage facility. Many small businesses need empty space for storing their products for a short period. 


So you can build your own warehouse, hire a person and start earning passively by providing storage facilities to small-scale business houses. Apart from that, you can also advertise some business on your warehouse building and also make from advertising.

#5 Start a renting business

Renting businesses is one of the most common ways of earning with less effort. You can easily make money for a more extended period by just renting your land or building to other people.

Business that run themselves

Although the return on capital in renting business is not very good in some cases, you can make money for an extended period without any tension by just renting your land to other people.

Apart from that, there are a lot of other ways of earning passively from real estate. If you are interested, you can read them from my article on “ How to make passive income from real estate”.

#6 Start a web hosting business

Web hosting is a growing business as thousands of websites are created every year. You can build your own server with high-speed storage and RAM to provide web hosting services to your customers. 

Web hosting

You just need to make a good customer base and afterwards, you just need to hire some people (only for managing servers), and that’s it; this business will run on its own without your interference.

If you provide good hosting at competitive prices, bloggers like me will definitely prefer using your web hosting services.

#7 Start an e-book selling business

The E-book is going to be the future of education. After 10-15 years,  everyone will prefer carrying a tablet instead of heavy physical books. About 25% of college students use e-books instead of physical books to save space and money.

E books

So, you can write your own e-book or hire a writer to write it for you. Suppose your book tells something new and adds value to the life of the customer. In that case, you need to advertise it on various social media platforms and just wait for some time because valuable books always become famous one day. Afterwards, people will buy your book, and you can make money while sleeping.

#8 Start a renting car business

You can buy a car and make money by renting to people. If you find it challenging to find customers, you can take the help of the car rental companies that will rent your car to customers and charge some commission.

Renting a car

Personally, I recommend you give middle-range cars for rent because it is tough to find customers for both cheap and expensive cars. Also, if your vehicle is in good condition, people will definitely rent your car for a long trip and you can make good money from this business.

#9 Make and sell WordPress themes

I already mentioned that thousands of websites are created every day, and they prefer buying readymade themes to save time.

Wordpress theme

So you can also make and sell your highly customizable theme to bloggers and website owners. You can hire some freelancers for creating a highly customizable theme with less loading time.

After that, pay to blog YouTubers and bloggers for promoting your theme.

Once your theme becomes famous, you need to do nothing, and your theme will earn for you.

#10 Sell your software

You can build software and sell it to your customers. If your software is value providing, i.e. people get some extra benefit compared to your competitors, they will definitely buy your software.

Making a software

Make sure to offer a free trial to your customers because everyone hesitates to spend money on new software. Providing a free trial will create trust and if people will buy it if they find it useful.


Now let us summarise the whole article. Passive income plays a significant role in becoming financially independent in life. Businesses like vending machines, software, themes, car renting, property lending, warehousing, e-book selling, influencer funding, advertising etc can run themselves. They can be an excellent source of passive income. If you are interested in earning passively then you should read the book- The Power of Passive income . This book will tell you the real power of passive income which will definitely help you to win your race of financial freedom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn passively from renting?

You can earn passively by renting your house, land, car or any other significant object.

Which things are needed to start a web hosting business?

You need high-speed storage and RAM for starting a web hosting services business.

What is the best technique for selling new software?

You can sell new software by providing free trials. A person will definitely buy your software if he likes its trial.

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