Start a waste tyre recycling business| Business Plan

Do you want to earn from tyre recycling? If yes then you came to the right place because here we will discuss in and out of the tyre recycling business.

Recycling tyres

So a lot to know and a lot to discuss tyre recycling and without wasting time let us now begin.

Business Opportunities from recycling tyres

You will get carbon black, fuel oil, steel wire and some gases as an end product by recycling tyres. Depending on the end product, you can sell them as a raw material to many industries such as:

#1 Heat isolation industries

#2 Fire fighting industry

#3 Spare parts industry

#4 Industrial and commercial flooring industries and many more.

You can also start your own company and use the items as a raw material to reduce the cost of production and increase profits.

Resources required for recycling tyres

You will require many resources for recycling tyres. So now, let’s discuss which resources you require and how you will procure them in detail.

#1 Waste Tyres

Since we are discussing the recycling tyres business, we need waste tyres as a raw material. You can buy waste tyres from tire retailers or bus operators, and car companies. Depending on tire size and weight, he will charge you some amount. If you do not have money, you can search for waste tyres in garbage dumping areas or buy them from ragman at a very low price.

#2 Machinery required to start a tyre recycling business

There are various methods of recycling tyres, and you will need different machines and recycling equipment depending on which method you will use. These machines are too expensive, and their average purchase cost goes to $100,000. Many people will not have enough funds to buy it, so it is better to take them on lease. You can easily take a tyre recycling machinery on lease for ten years for about $6,000-$10,000 per year, which is somewhat affordable for many, but still, if you do not have money, you should take a business loan from the bank.

#3 Building required to start a tyre recycling business

Same as machinery, you will need a good large area for starting a business of recycling tyres. You need space for storing raw materials (waste tyres) and installing your large types of machinery. Depending on where you start your business, you have to pay rent every month for taking a building on lease.

#4 Manforce and transportation facilities

At last, you need a proper man force to perform all steps of recycling a tyre and need proper transportation facilities to ship your raw material and final goods. You can hire skilled labourers by paying $3,00-$5,000 each per month depending on where you live and take some trucks on rent to transport goods.

How to recycle used tyres? 

There are many methods to recycle a tyre. These methods are too complex, which is why I am not discussing them in this article. I am sharing the link to a good article to read about the recycling process in detail. Still, I recommend you to take the help of an expert instead of searching on google because the steps are complex. There is a high probability that either you misunderstood them or did not understand anything at all. So it is highly recommended to take the help of an expert before making any investment in machinery and buildings.

Link of the article – Steps to recycle tyres

( I recommend taking the help of an expert instead of reading the above article)


Tyres recycling is a very good method to earn profits as well as to save the environment. Recycled tires can be used to make rubber products, steel products and can also be used in fire fighting and steel industries. You need resources like machines, workforce, building, raw materials and transportation facilities for starting a tyres recycling business. The recycling process of tyres is too complex, and you should take the help of an expert before investing in this business.


Recycling tyres is a good source of making money, but it requires a lot of investment and is not suitable for small business people. It would be best if you prefer taking the advice of an expert because you can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars from a small mistake in this business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the business opportunities from the end product of recycled tyres?

The end product of recycled tyres can be used in heat isolation industry, fire fighting industry, steel manufacturing industry and many more.

Which resources are required for recycling tyres?

You require machinery, workers, raw material and a proper place to recycle waste tyres.

What are the end products of recycled tyres?

You will get carbon black, fuel oil, steel wire and some gases as an end product by recycling tyres.

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