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Everyone has used an eraser in their childhood and also have some fun memories with it. Children purchase erasers to rub all the mistakes, but In school, sometimes they use them like a ball, sometimes they throw them on the fan and do many more fun activities. For a fact, do you know that 97% of people purchase a new eraser when they lose the old one, not when the old one ends? 


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Since a lot of people use erasers, eraser manufacturing could be an excellent business to do on a small scale, but not a large scale because erasers are a cheap product and generally children buy a new eraser once a month that is why you cannot make huge profits from and it does not make sense to invest a lot of money in buying land to produce it on a large scale but if you are planning to start a pen manufacturing business or a paper manufacturing business with it, then yes you can consider to do it on a large scale.

So, in this article, we will discuss a proper business plan to start an eraser-making business on a small scale with a proper business plan. So without wasting time, let us now begin.

Business Plan to Start an eraser making business 

This business plan will cover everything about raw material requirements, machine requirements, manufacturing process, funds requirement, profitability and ways to allocate funds. So let us discuss them in detail.

The raw material required for manufacturing eraser 

You need rubber ( either synthetic or natural) and organic dyes for manufacturing erasers, Apart from that arrange plastic layering and small cardboard pieces for primary and secondary eraser packaging, and cardboard boxes to transport erasers to distributors and wholesalers.

Cost of Machines required for making erasers 

You just need to buy one eraser making machine that will perform all the work for you. The machine will cost you about $3,000 in the United States or Rs 1,50,000 in India for a small scale business. On a large scale, this cost will go up to $50,000 and even more in the U.S.A or Rs 20,000,00 or more in India, depending on the size of the machine.

Eraser Manufacturing Process

The eraser manufacturing process is not at all difficult, but it is difficult to explain in an article because it is different for natural and synthetic rubbers and also involves mixing various chemicals, so there is a high probability that you will make mistakes if you read the manufacturing process from an article. So, prefer to take help from an expert or, after reading this article, click on the link below and watch any video related to the eraser manufacturing process on Youtube.

Eraser manufacturing process

Cost of starting an eraser manufacturing business

Look, you need a machine for manufacturing erasers that will cost you about $3,000 in the United States or Rs 1,50,000 in India. After that, you need an area of about 400-500 square feet, depending on the business scale, to install machines and do business without any problem. After that, you need to purchase raw materials and also have to bear electricity and water charges. So, according to my estimate, you have to spend $10,000 or Rs 5,00,000 in the U.S.A and India respectively in the first year on land and machinery. The cost of raw materials and electricity depends on the scale of the business, so you can estimate it accordingly.

How to arrange funds for eraser manufacturing business

Most people use their personal savings to do this business on a small scale, but if you don’t have enough savings, you can take help from the government schemes or take a loan from the bank to start an eraser manufacturing business.

How to earn profits from an eraser making business

Since erasers are a cheap item, their price is just  $0.20 in the United States or Rs 5 in India, so you can charge more for quality. No one will bother to pay $0.30 or Rs 10 for an eraser if it lasts for a longer period of time and can erase pencil marks completely. I always say focus on the quality of a cheap item if you want to make good profits from it.


Eraser manufacturing is a good business to do on a small scale. A person just requires an eraser manufacturing machine and a proper place to start it. The estimated cost of starting this business is about $10,000 in the United States and Rs 5,00,000 in India. 


If you use this business plan and add other things like suppliers, legal obligations, etc., you can easily make a good profit from the eraser manufacturing business. I cannot make a general business plan including suppliers and legal obligations because it is different from country to country, state to state, and region to region. So adjust this business plan accordingly in which area you live, do hard work, earn a lot of money, become rich and financially independent in life, and as always, God bless you all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is required to start an eraser making business?

According to my estimate, you have to spend $10,000 or Rs 5,00,000 in U.S.A and India respectively in the first year on the eraser making business.

How much area is required to start an eraser-making business on a small scale?

An area of about 400-500 sq feet is required to start an eraser making business.

What are the raw materials required to manufacture erasers?

The main raw material you need to manufacture erasers is rubber. Rubber can be natural as well as synthetic. You also need starch, vegetable oil and sulphur to make the eraser a little bit flexible. Sometimes you need organic dyes to make a colourful eraser.

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